Why I Attended SVC/SE 2010


Rodrigo Villar

Managing Director of New Ventures (Mexico) and Ashoka Fellow Mexico City, Mexico
"Social Entrepreneurship is moving towards a new way of scaling and generating real impact on development. SVC/SE, Miami-2010 conference will be a path-breaking conference and gathering in Latin America. I am waiting anxiously to attend in March and meet with all the social entrepreneurs, investors, organizations and people driving philanthropy in such a positive and inclusive path."

Jonathan Lewis

CEO of Opportunity Collaboration and CEO of MicroCredit Enterprises Davis, California
"SVC/SE, Miami-2010, is an important new hub for making great connections to social capital, ideas and people. A regional social venture event centered in Miami is long overdue because it will allow participants to drill deeper on social investment issues and make stronger, more focused connections which we all hope will lead to practical results. I am enthusiastically participating."

Rodrigo Han

Managing Director of Fundacao Daniel Dazcal and Consultant to Vox Capital and Inter-American Development Bank Sao Paulo, Brazil
"The role of social businesses in Latin America and, more specifically, in Brazil, though still insipid, is not to be neglected. It tackles problems which are not efficiently addressed by the government or private enterprises, and, in doing so, acts on these market failures in a profitable manner - both socially and financially. Coming from a corporate and financial background, I have become quite an enthusiast about the social business model because never before I witnessed such a strong foundation for business. Social enterprise is about what truly matters to real people. At the Miami Conference I hope to find others that share this interest with me, discuss possibilities and partnerships, and work together on making a real difference in our markets."

Carmen Page

Executive Director onebyone4life.org Miami/Lima,Peru
"I am attending SVC/SE, Miami-2010 in order to meet colleagues, share learning, and make valuable connections that can assist me in executing and financing my business. I additionally look forward to meeting leaders with other hybrid organizations, and those social enterprises that operate from US base while managing significant operations in Latin America. We look forward to sharing our story of 100% organic products..... with other firms in Miami. See you there!"

Percy Venegas

Dr. Tomas Krabec

Solar Business Technology Costa Rica/Czech Republic
"Sustainable Business in Emerging Markets is Business. So, the only effective way to enable opportunities for investors and sustain the benefits for environment and society is measuring and managing risk, by means of strong local partnerships. We believe that SVC/SE is THE PLACE to talk about risks and opportunities, and build those partnerships."

Rich Swier

Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur Sarasota, Florida
"I look forward to attending SVC/SE, Miami 2010 because there exists significant opportunity for capital to find strong investment returns with some of these projects. As well, these opportunities can generate considerable economic development and benefit the state of Florida and communities around the region in many important ways."

Kelly Michel

VOX Capital Sao Paulo, Brasil
"The social business sector has gained momentum over the last couple of years as new players enter and conversations and practices become more sophisticated. The time is right for players working in Latin America to come together and accelerate what's going on in our specific region! This event can help us make the next leap forward."

Rick Zwetsch

interSector Partners, L3C Longmont, Colorado
"As the 39th L3C registered in the US and the first doing business in Colorado we are at the forefront of a grassroots hybrid business structure movement. I am attending SVC/SE, Miami-2010 to network, collaborate and brainstorm with what is certain to be a convening of the biggest and best minds in the social enterprise/social innovation community."