About Impact Conference @ Sustainatopia

The Impact Conference @ Sustainatopia 2012  will be your best opportunity to learn, network, and connect with hundreds of top impact leaders and organizations from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the state of Florida- in addition to organizations worldwide which have an interest in expanding to the region.

The following groups will be attending the Impact Conference @ Sustainatopia 2012:

  • Venture Philanthropists
  • Social-Responsible Funds
  • Venture Capital/Private Equity Investment Banks
  • Institutional Investors
  • Angel Investors/Individual Investors
  • Private Wealth Managers
  • Foundations
  • Multinational Corporate Executives
  • Development Banks and Agencies
  • Nonprofit Organizations Businesses with a Social Agenda
  • Social Enterprises and Social Entrepreneurs
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Government Organizations
  • Top University Leaders
  • Those interested in financial, social and environmental sustainability

Conference Goals:

  • Promote economic development within the region by utilizing Impact Investing + Financial, Social & Environmental Sustainability.
  • Establish Miami as a capital of Impact Investing + Financial, Social & Environmental Sustainability  for Latin America, the Caribbean and the state of Florida. Contribute and support continued construction of the local social enterprise ecosystem.
  • Educate traditional finance (private banking, venture capital, and angel investment) about investment opportunities within Impact Investing + Financial, Social & Environmental Sustainability. Leverage Miami’s reputation as a regional financial capital.
  • Act as a primary connecting point to the Latin American/ Caribbean Diaspora, from whom it is believed some of the next great leaders in this space can come. The Diaspora may also represent a material source of capital for both existing and new organizations within the region.
  • Work in collaboration with other organizations and conferences in establishing effective and standard investment metrics within the industry.

Theme: ‘Get Connected’

  • Connect to Capital
  • Connect to Knowledge
  • Connect to Networks
  • Connect to Social Entrepreneurs
  • Connect to Business Intermediaries and Business Accelerators
  • Connect to Diaspora
  • Connect to Best Practices
  • Connect to Metrics
  • Connect to 800 Leaders from Over 40 Countries